You want to improve the way you make use of Adobe Illustrator? Discovers a list of tutorials that will help you master the multiple creation tools.

Why follow tutorials?

Each of us one day followed a tutorial to be able to produce  a nice effect in Photoshop or any other software. Tutorials are efficient tools for beginners or amateurs who would like to discover a software or techniques to produce original and astonishing effects.

Today, we have selected a series of 15 tutorials based on Adobe Illustrator made of quality creative examples. If we have to select tutorials, we'd rather choose the nice and pretty ones that you might use!

Most of them are in English. To get started with Illustrator, you can check, where you will find free videos (in French) to discover the main tools. We chose 3 videos that are presented in this list.

Have fun!

Illustrator: essential basics and shortcuts

Illustrator : Les Bases et Raccourcis Indispensables

Bring a fluorescent transparency

effet fluorescent

Create a conceptual portrait in Adobe Illustrator

portrait conceptuel avec l'effet Scribble dans Adobe Illustrator

Create a 3D logo 

Création d'un logo 3D

Great Gatsby Art Deco style in Illustrator and Photoshop

Le Gatsby style Art Déco avec Illustrator et Photoshop

Creating a kawaii yeti with basic shapes

Yeti Kawaii

Créer un logo avec un design en polygone

Create a honey text effect

Créer un effet de texte en miel

Create a jellyfish with Paintbrushes in Illustrator CS5

Créer une méduse avec Pinceaux dans Adobe Illustrator CS5

Create a vintage style barberlogo 

style vintage avec un logo pour barbier

Perspective tool

L'outil perspective

How to create a simple landscape scene

Comment faire pour créer une scène de paysage Simple

Tips: Create glowing progress bars

Astuce: Comment créer des barres de progression Glowing

Ajouter un effet décorative à votre typographie

Ajouter un effet décorative à votre typographie

Tutorial Pathfinder in Illustrator CS5

Tuto Pathfinder avec Illustrator CS5