25 splash screen examples for mobile applications

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To finish the week, we would like to give you some inspiration in mobile design with a selection of splash screens from different mobile applications.

A splash screen is the introduction page of an application, the one you see when opening it, where you can find all information such as the logo, the name of the publisher, the version number, etc.

This page gives a first idea of the application – is it well designed, with an attractive layout?
In most applications, the page is sober and uses plain colours. Designs distinguish themselves through textures, brand characters or photographs in the background. 

We have selected a series of 20 splash screen for you to feel inspired and see the current tendencies. Should you need more inspiration, feel free to read our last two articles based on mobile design: 20 applications utilisant des fonctionnalités avec des maps and 25 icones d'applications mobiles originales à découvrir



Pttrns – TriplAgent – Discover New Adventures

Dribbble – Pipe big by Brijan

Pinelle iPhone app and branding by Igor Ivankovic


Nike Pro Training

Show and tell for designers

Monster Coloring Book


La boite à Meuuuh 

Auto Smartz


Splashscreens | Localmind








Path – Android Niceties

55 splash screens for more inspiration

While doing research for this article, we came across a SlideShare with a presentation based on splash screens that you can access by clicking the link below.

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