45 creative and original logos based on animals

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Here is some graphic inspiration for you with this article about logos with animal design. We have selected a series of 45 visuals that can help you find inspiration in case you need to create this kind of logo.

You also can follow our graphic watch on Pinterest, – we have a specific table for logos: "Logotypes". Discover below beautiful creations based on animals with a majority of foxes, deer and birds – those are quite common in graphic design.

Paper Fox


Monkey Business

Whale by George Bokhua


Fox mark 1 (not for sale) by Ivan Bobrov

Iran – Animals Of Protection

Whallie by Jan Meeus

Antler Logo & Wordmark by Will Howe

Fatcat Coffee


Camo King by Stevan Rodic

Las Vegas Design Center

Little Owl Coffee

The circular Fox by Eli Amuklu

Logo Design: More Foxes


Caymann Entertainment by Sean Heisler

Coy koi by NancyCarterDesign

Impala by Jan Meeus

Tall Tales

Webcat by Máximo Gavete

whale by yuro

Neg Fox by George Bokhua

Suken & Stork

Big Ideas by Nick Slater

CrowdStrike | Logo Animation {gif}


Vintage Fantasy Hunting Logo by Mathias Temmen

Rhino Air by Mikeymike

Barcamp Litoral by joelcolombo

Monkey logo by Vic Bell

Final Logo Design for Pleco Software by Gert van Duinen

Logo Stack

Hopper by Stevan Rodic


Animal Welfare Center by Janis Ancitis

Billy Turf

Sushi raw bar & grill



Silver Fox by Stevan Rodic


By Vincent

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