iHover – HTML5 and CSS3 hovers

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Let's finish the week with a very useful service for those who want to create original hover effects.


Discover the iHover project that offers 35 hover effects with different variations for each of them.
On this one page website, you can directly try all examples and see the HTML code to integrate it easily.

Presentation​: http://gudh.github.io/ihover/dist/index.html
GitHub: https://github.com/gudh/ihover

This resource is available on GitHub with the different installation files, all this under MIT license, so you can freely use it for your projects.

Definition of MIT licence to satisfy your curiosity:

The MIT Licence comes from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but is a bit inadequate since the MIT also uses other software licences. It is a non-copyleft, free and open source software licence that allows you to include modifications under other licences, even when they are not free.
French Source
Wikipedia "Licence MIT"

A few examples 

ihover Effect

By Vincent

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