Learn JavaScript by playing Untrusted

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Learning development can be complex and demanding, what doesn't make it very attractive. But good thing: A few games can make it fun, and thus more reachable. This is the case of the game I would like to present you today: Untrusted.

Untrusted -or- the Continuing Adventures of Dr. Eval

Untrusted is a Roguelike game with a minimalist ASCII view, the difference being that you don't have any arms or statistics to defend yourself in Untrusted – you've got a JavaScript console.

Indeed, each level is created by the text field evaluation you can see on the right side of the screen. You have to edit the accessible parts of the code that generate the level so that you can reach the exit.

The level of difficulty is made for beginners who are already familiar with the code – don't even think about tearing into it if you never used it before. However, if you have already followed tutorials, it could be interesting for you to give it a try.

To conclude, we can say it is a good idea and a nice game if you like console graphics. And if you don't, don't hesitate to tear into CodeCombat and Ruby Warrior!


Ruby Warrior

By Benjamin Sanchez

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