Make users feel like your website is loading faster with these 5 JavaScript resources

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In a world where we are more and more used to getting everything in the blink of an eye, the loading speed of a website is essential for the user's experience.

To help you improve it, Blog du Webdesign has picked 5 resources that speed up website loading or avoid loading issues like connection interruptions.


No installation, automatic updates, multi-platforms… Web applications have got almost everything to delight us. Indeed, although we are now connected about 90 % of the time, we sometimes cannot avoid interruptions (train journey or simply Internet disruptions). At that specific moment, not being able to use one of our applications is particularly frustrating, which is a negative point.

LocalForage is a Javascript library directly coming from Mozilla. It makes offline working easier by giving a simple API to access Web SQL databases. Coupled with a library like Offline.js, this resource allows you to create web applications with an offline mode and finally enables these to compete with desktop applications! 


How does this library work? It is very simple, and yet very efficient to make users feel like pages are loading faster on your website. Instead of trying to speed up page loading, why not start loading it earlier?

Since users hover the links they are going to click 200 to 300 ms before actually clicking it, the idea is to preload the page when the link is hovered in order to gain these 300 ms!


Bindable is a library allowing you to bind two separated objects and to automatically apply any change made on one of objects to the other one. What makes this library differ from an ember.js or a rivet is that those objects are not necessarily graphic objects. You can bind a database to a form, a database to a server, or even two node.js servers to each other.


Require.js is a library providing you with an easy way to load other librairies or modules by taking into account their interdependencies. We can then make sure libraries load in the right order and in an asynchronous manner, so that users feel like pages are loading faster.


The launch of Canvas made complex visualisations and games in HTML5 become more popular. They tend to get more and more accessible through the creation of libraries making it possible to only work this medium. The only issue is the client computer capacities that are sometimes too low.

Multithread is a library that allows you to work in JavaScript with several threads very easily. In this way, it is finally possible to take full advantage of the of the client's computer and to improve the flow of your demanding applications.

By Benjamin Sanchez

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