To finish the week, Blog Du Webdesign gives you an original selection of illustrations on the theme "panda". For a long time, it has been present in art related with China, where it has a central place.

We can see it almost everywhere, like in movies – Kung Fu Panda – or in series – Ranma ½. The panda inspires and brings a poetic aspect and even cuteness to certain illustrations. Discover our selection of 30 creations based on pandas in many different styles!

If you want to get more inspiration, you can have a look at our two articles based on graphic design and animals:
– 25 illustrations graphiques et originales autour du Cerf
– 50 illustrations graphiques et originales autour de l'oiseau


A Break from Bamboo by José Alves da Silva

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Panda and Crow by Nikolay Razuev

Alexandra Ball – Sophia s Panda

Marco Palmieri – Pandamonium – Tee

Alexis Marcou

Elif Kavalci – Vector Animalia

Pnada :3 by Alon Boroda

Francisco Perez Pac23

Anna Nowokunska – folded CD/Poster for KUNG FU PANDA

William Chua – Panda Revolution III

Paco Pereira Ajenjo – Panda Bambu

Scott Jackson – Pandemia Wallpaper

Chow Hon Lam

AJ Dimarucot

There are more wishes than stars by Kitt Santos

Vale by GEBE – Elia Colomb

Pino Lamanna

Paper Panda by Ross Bruggink

Murat Turan – NO FUTURE

Yael Miller – Baby Panda Logo-Mascot

Animals Series

Tony wxw – graphic tonywxw

Andreas Preis – Alive

Panda by vainui de castelbajac