Inspirations webdesign de sites web pour applications mobile

Vous êtes à la recherche de designs percutants pour vos applications mobiles qui captiveront les utilisateurs dès la première interaction ? Notre annuaire regorge de véritables trésors du webdesign spécialement dédiés aux sites d'application mobile. Que vous développiez une application iOS, Android ou hybride, notre collection d'inspirations webdesign vous propose une multitude d'idées pour créer des sites qui se démarquent dans l'écosystème mobile.

  • Ben the Bodyguard. Protecting your data on iPhone® and iPod touch®

    Ben the Bodyguard. Protecting your data on iPhone® and iPod touch®

    Ben the Bodyguard for iPhone® and iPod touch®: the personal guardian for all your most sensitive and secret on-the-go data. With his expertise in security and encryption techniques, Ben protects passwords, contacts, text, reminders and photos.
  • Isle of Tune

    Isle of Tune

    Create your own unique musical journeys from street layouts. Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are the players.
  • Sooshi


    Sooshi is all about one of the most delicious foods. Whether you are new to the whole topic or you are already a fan of sushi: You will find tons of information about what sushi is, how to prepare sushi and where to find the best sushi places.
  • Silk – Interactive Generative Art

    Silk – Interactive Generative Art

    Draw beautiful flowing art with Silk. With Silk's award-winning magic brush, anyone can be an artist.