Designer toys – a collection of figurines for graphic designers and creative minds

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Let's get out of the Internet for once to present you a selection of playful designer items often standing on the shelves and desks of creative people.

This is an article about designer toys – those small funny figurines made by designers and creative persons often inspired by their own graphic universe.

What is a designer toy?

Designer toys, urban vinyl or vinyl toys are the names given to figurines produced in limited editions. They appeared in the late 90's in Hong-Kong and in Japan with artists like Michael Lau, Kaws, Futura 2000 or James Jarvis. Those figurines are created by artists, draughtsman and illustrators from various kinds of art: illustration, comics, contemporary art, graffiti, street art, webdesign, fashion… The most common material they are made of is rotocast vinyl

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Discover our selection

We chose a series of various original designer toys to brighten your day, in which however you can frequently see rabbits – the favourite animal of the artist! You can follow our Pinterest table if you want more inspiration or if you want to see our watch on designer toys.


Dolly Oblong – Baldwin

Don't call me Teddy Bear anymore…


Panda Bunny – Joe Ledbetter


Toys | Sergey Safonov

Jordan Metcalf – Design

123 Klan Toys

Kidrobot Discussion Boards

"Wolf Rider (Black Edition)" Custom Munnys!


Le petit Lego™ de bois / Thibaut Malet

Loulou & Tummie

Les Viandardes by McBess x Kidrobot « Atom Plastic

Eaters on Toy Design Served

Daily Geekstomization: This brilliantly executed.

Art Toyz Collection

Fun Toy and Illustration Design by Yum Yum

Loulou Woodbots

Mijbil Creatures: Bilbo Baggins

Uglydoll Icebat Anatomy Sculpt

Raku Dunny “Day and Night”


Rivet Sashimi

Dunny 3 inch : Le Dead Plastique by McBess

Chaos Monkey

By Vincent

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